Welcome to my website!

My name is Artyom Frolov.

I have been teaching yoga for many years. Since a lot of my students are my own patients, much of my work as a physician focuses on yoga therapy: the process of fine-tuning yoga practice to the state of the person’s health and using yoga as a treatment and rehabilitation tool. Much of the material published here deals with this methodology. These works are grounded in my personal experience as a yoga practitioner and instructor,
as well as my work as a physician, and my education in the natural sciences. This background allows me to analyze the effects of yoga through the prism of modern science. Time and time again, I see scientific evidence that explains and expands our understanding of yoga and its effects.
I believe that two truths cannot contradict each other: instead, they complement and inform one another, each focused on a different facet of the same objective reality. In this way, Hatha yoga and modern science are two complementary schools of thought. They can be combined to produce the best treatment strategy, and help us to understand the processes happening within and outside us.