photo_artemArtyom Frolov lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Graduated from the Pavlov St. Petersburg State Medical University in 1997, followed by two years of clinical residency in cardiology. Worked as cardiologist at intensive care units throughout Russia, specializing in functional and ultrasound heart diagnostics.

Studied and practiced acupuncture, herbal medicine, medical kinesiology, and exercise therapy.

A dedicated Hatha yoga practitioner since 1997; has studied methodologies used by various Russian, Indian, and Western schools and instructors.
Began teaching yoga in 2003, combining it with his work as a doctor. Eventually focused on designing individual Hatha yoga programs for his patients tailored to their specific ailments. Defined and classified approaches to designing Hatha yoga practices for various medical conditions by carefully studying global practices in the use of yoga as a rehabilitation technique, analyzing data from the latest clinical and experimental studies, and drawing on his personal practice in the field.

Has taught classes on the medicinal aspects of yoga since 2008. Currently teaches a yoga therapy course, training dozens of yoga instructors each year.